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11 Mar
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Ethics Code

Insurance Training and Code and Ethics

Frequently Asked Code and Ethics Questions Code and Ethics is an important part of your insurance training.  Although it only accounts for 12 hours of your prelicensing, it is a must have when applying to be a California Insurance Agent. Here are some frequently asked question regarding ethics as it pertains to your insurance license. […]

04 Mar
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Happy Agent

5 Reasons to Become An Insurance Agent in 2019

Why it’s a Good Idea to Sell Insurance in 2019 Looking for a new career? No previous experience? No college degree? That’s ok!   If you’re self-motivated, like to learn, and you’re interested in solid earning potential, becoming an insurance agent might be a good fit for you. Here are 5 reasons why:   1.) […]

25 Feb
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Looking at Buildings

California Online Prelicense Training 2019

Prelicense Training Online California Thinking of an Insurance Career? It’s Easier Than You Think There are not many industries you can enter as easily as insurance. In California, for example, insurance license requirements are quick to accomplish and relatively cheap. Just sign up for insurance prelicense courses through an approved provider, pass the state’s insurance […]