Five California Insurance CE Hacks

22 Jan
California Insurance CE

Five California Insurance CE Hacks

A new year means new rules for your CA Insurance CE! But don’t worry. We have five California insurance CE hacks to help you quickly and affordably pass your continuing education in 2023.

1. Complete your CE at least 30 days prior to your license renewal.

Waiting to the last minute is riskier than ever.  In 2023, you must have your CE completed and your license renewal fees paid by the deadline.  If you don’t, YOUR LICENSE GOES INACTIVE.  There is no grace period anymore.  And, you should know that it can take a while to get things back to active status.  That means no paycheck.


2. Buy large CE courses.

Anytime you can buy a course with more hours, you will get your CE done faster.  Why?  Fewer courses mean you are opening fewer books and fewer exams.  So, if you buy 5 smaller courses, you are opening five books and taking five exams.  One large CE course has one book and one exam.  That’s bound to be quicker.


3. Don’t fall for the webinar ads that promise NO EXAMS.

Sure, you can avoid an exam, but, you will be forced to take your CE using a timer.  Who wants to be glued to a computer for 24 hours?  Worse yet, you’ll likely pay a lot more for a webinar.  A self-directed, home study course comes with a book and a simple open-book exam. You will almost always get this done quicker and cheaper.  AND, you’ll have a copy of the book for reference.


4. Make sure you’re meeting ALL your CE requirements before you renew your license.

You need 24 hours of CE every license renewal.  Ethics courses are PART OF that 24 hours.  Also, if you sell special products like annuities, long-term care homeowners insurance or flood, you’ll need to take additional CE training courses.  Failing to take the right courses can mean a license suspension and a delay in your paycheck.


5. Take your CE from a provider who is easier than the rest.

That would be us . . . Affordable Educators!  Some schools just give you books and exams and you are on your own.  We actually work on finding ways to make your CE hours easier to complete.   Our 100% online CE courses feature. . .

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