It Is Time to Get Your California Life Insurance License!!! Get Our Easy Life Insurance Exam Prep.

16 Mar
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It Is Time to Get Your California Life Insurance License!!! Get Our Easy Life Insurance Exam Prep.

Get a California Life Insurance License with an Easy Life Insurance Exam Prep

Have you thought about getting your life insurance license? Maybe you already have your property and casualty license. Are you ready to expand your offerings? We have good news for you! According to the MIB, life insurance sales skyrocketed 5.6% in February 2022. The increase is primarily due to an unequaled 7% increase amongst young buyers (ages 0 to 44).

california life insurance license - life and health insurance license california - life insurance exam prep - life and health insurance license classesMIB said life insurance apps have increased for all their tracked age ranges. The highest was amongst the millennial population. As MIB refers to this age range, the young buyers account for about 54.2% of the index.

MIB has warned us of what the future may hold. This is especially true in these uncertain times of COVID-19. It is a good idea to look to the future. Many of us are holed up at home for the foreseeable future. Now is an excellent time to expand your online education. Sign up today for life and health insurance license classes. You will then be ready for California’s life and health insurance license.

How do you get a life and health insurance license in California? Call our office for more information about Life and Health Insurance License California.


FAQ About California Life Insurance Agents.


  1. Complete an Insurance Prelicensing Course.
  2. Pass the California Licensing Exam. 
  3. Get Fingerprinted. 
  4. Apply for California Insurance License. 
  5. Plan to Complete Required Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credits.

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $127,803 $10,650
75th Percentile $97,818 $8,151
Average $70,589 $5,882
25th Percentile $49,155 $4,096

Taking the test can seem daunting. Preparing for and taking the California state health and life insurance exam is NOT tricky for most. Most agents say that it was a far easier test than they imagined.

Examination Type Time Allowed Number of Questions
Life, Accident and Health Agent 3 hours 150
Life-Only Agent 1.5 hours 75
Accident and Health Agent 1.5 hours 75
Life & Disability Analyst 3.5 hours 125

Gideon du Plessis dropped out of school in the 10th grade. He never went to college. Today, he is the highest-earning insurance agent in the world. He earns annual commissions that exceed $70 million.

If you take the test at a testing center, you will be notified immediately if you pass or fail. If you fail, you cannot register to retake it immediately. You must wait at least 24 hours. You can take this test at most 3 times in any calendar year.

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