Returns & Requirements

We hope you are pleased with quality and value our course offers. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please notify us in writing within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. We will only be able to refund your course price, not the Department of Insurance fees of .67 cents/hour. You have one year to complete this course. However, you should finish as soon as possible since courses are subject to constant re-evaluation and change by the Department of Insurance. The date you pay for your course(s) is the date of completion that we will send to the State. For CE Courses, a passing grade is 70%. If you fail, you will have an opportunity to retake the exam at no cost by entering the exam again and re-posting your answers.

Other Conditions

If this course fails to meet standards and/or credit hours advertised, whether it is our mistake or that of the State, we will refund your entire course fee if requested. Our best efforts are spent to provide accurate information on our website, keep files virus free and protect your name, address and email information. However we cannot be liable for third party hackers and viruses. It is agreed the amount you paid for your courses is liquidated damages for any of the above failures, problems or issues. It is also agreed that any additional differences between you and us will be settled through binding arbitration in Riverside County, California.

State & Legal Disclosure

The State has approved credit hours for this course but has asked us to mention that they do not endorse content or the author's opinions. In completing courses, you agree to review the entire course book and complete the exam on your own. YOU MUST BE ENGAGED IN COURSE MATERIALS FOR THE ENTIRE HOURS REQUIRED FOR COURSES. All courses provide general education to insurance agents. Consult a competent professional before using course information to proceed on your own behalf or to advice clients.


We will use your email ONLY to contact you regarding important license news or as a reminder regarding your continuing education renewal. WE WILL NEVER SHARE OR SELL YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.

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