Book Based CE Insurance Courses

Book versions of our online courses are available below. State rules require us to send your exam separate from your course book.

How It Works


Select Books

Select Life & Health or Property & Casualty books. Choose from dozens of titles. Purchase securely online or call us to order at (800) 498-5100.


Take Exam

Once you receive your book and exam, you will read the book and then take the exam.  Please note that all of our exams are open book.


Save and Submit Exam

Save exam sheets and submit all on the same day by fax (951) 296-3004, mail or online.

CE Books

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35% Discount if purchasing more than one book course

If your office would like to share a book and purchase extra exams, please call us at (800)-498-5100 to set up.


Why does the book version cost more?

Book versions of our courses come with a physical copy of the book and an exam.  The cost difference stems from the cost of printing and shipping a hard copy book.

Do I have to pay for the books in advance?

You can order the books through our shopping cart or if you prefer to pay later, you can call our offices at 800-498-5100 to order.

I cannot find my exam, where can I get an extra exam?

If you cannot find your exam, please call our offices and we will either mail you another exam, email or fax a copy, dependent upon your preference.

What if I already have a book, can I just order an exam?

If you already have a physical copy of the book, you can just order extra exams at our internet price!

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