California Insurance Continuing Education is a Real Requirement

California Insurance Continuing Education is a Real Requirement

Like It or not California Insurance Continuing Education is part of being a licensed California insurance agent.

Compliance is real. If any agent forgets to do the proper insurance Continuing Education requirements, they can lose their paychecks or commissions, be cut off from carriers whose products they would like to represent, suffer huge penalties or even lose their license.

How many hours are needed for California Insurance Continuing Education?

Currently, each California agent is required to take at least 24 hours in Continuing Education or CE credits. These hours may include the required Ethics as well as updating CE hours for products an agent sells. Annuities, Long Term Care, Flood, and Homeowner’s all require their own CE classes and updates.

Almost as important as what you sell, an agent will need to consider who they sell for or what companies/products they represent. Many have their own insurance continuing education prelicense course - p & c license - california continuing education for insurance - ce insurance - how to become a licensed insurance agentrequests and outweigh the demands of the California Department of Insurance.

How is CE different than Pre-Licensing?

Unlike the time you spent in Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education hours are not timed. CE credits are decided by the California Department of Insurance based on how many questions are in the exam and use the basic rule of thumb that it takes one hour to read ten pages.   For example, a 15 questions quiz may give an agent 3 or 4 hours of CE credits, although it may take the agent far less than 3 hours to take the test. With Affordable Educators, credit is given once you have passed your exam with a score of 70% or better.  Unlimited and free exam re-takes are available.

Do not fall for the quizzes that are timed or do not offer re-takes. The department of insurance does not require a timer for CE classes or even practice exams. One final exam with a passing score and you can be on your way to the next exam.


All agents are required to do at least 3-hours Ethics based CEs per renewal. Affordable Educators offers an extensive Ethics selection of CEs, classes are from 3-30 hours. Why not mix your general education needs with your Ethics to save time?

New Agents

Often your Continuing Education is required before you can speak with the public about a product. Flood and Homeowner’s Valuation are both required for any Property and Casualty agent chatting with clients about a policy. Currently, you cannot even approach the public about Homeowner’s Insurance without a 3-hour Insurance Valuation CE class. We offer class #186 to meet this requirement.

A new Life insurance agent needs an 8-hour starter Annuities class before they can write a policy. Policies with riders on the back end still require Annuities and their updates.

After the starter 8-hour Annuities, agents drop down to a minimum of the 4-hours pre-renewal period. You can find Annuities classes at,

California Health insurance agents who sell Long Term Care or LTC must include at least 8 hours of LTC CE in each renewal. Newer agents of 1-4 years must double that requirement to 16 hours for their first two renewal periods.

Established Agents

California agents who have held a license for 4 years or more are considered established agents. As an established agent, they may reduce their CE for Annuities to one 4-hour class per renewal and Long-Term Care representatives may now take just one 8-hour, LTC class, for each renewal period.

Agents who get commissions from products sold in the past want to keep up updating their Annuities and LTC Continuing Education credits to keep those commission checks coming. Often, failure to do the CE even after an agent stops selling an Annuities or LTC product results in loss of commissions.

The Affordable Educators Difference

We understand that keeping your renewals up to date as well as maintaining your business may be overwhelming and Affordable Educators is here to help.

Our Easy website is set up to provide you a step-by-step experience. Simply log in and follow the prompts. New to us agents simply need to create an account.

You will notice that our site stores copies of your certificates in case your company or carrier requests a copy.

Free License Review

Within a few minutes, you can have a free license review from our online chat, email, or by simply calling us. We will review what you have done in the past and what your needs and goals are for your next two years. We may even offer you a discount code to get you started. We are here to help.

Your Continuing Education need not be frustrating with Affordable Educators on your side. We will help you learn how to become a licensed Insurance Agent.