Insurance Training and Code and Ethics

11 Mar
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Ethics Code

Insurance Training and Code and Ethics

Frequently Asked Code and Ethics Questions

Code and Ethics is an important part of your insurance training.  Although it only accounts for 12 hours of your prelicensing, it is a must have when applying to be a California Insurance Agent. Here are some frequently asked question regarding ethics as it pertains to your insurance license.


If you’re looking to skip ahead and take your Code and Ethics prelicense course, visit our insurance training page.


Insurance CE Prelicense Training ExemptIs Anyone Exempt from Code and Ethics?

YES! If you already have a current, up to date, insurance license in California, you do not need to repeat code and ethics as part of your training.  




What if I am a Non-Resident Producer looking to Transfer to Resident Producer?

Confused? No need to be! Let’s say you have a property and casualty license from Arizona and you moved to California recently and want to transfer your license, thankfully, the Department of Insurance in California will recognize the Property and Casualty portion of your license, but you will have to take the 12 Hour Code and Ethics.



Insurance CE Prelicense Training Question AnswerWhat is covered in Code and Ethics Insurance Training?

Glad you asked! Code and Ethics covers a wide range of topics such as placing your client’s interests first, providing exemplary service, identifying unethical practices and behaviors, and even ethical concerns surrounding senior citizens.



Is the Training Timed?

Yes, your class will be time.  You must allow for 12 hours to complete the code and ethics training.


Can I do Any Ethics Class?

No, your class must be the twelve hour Code and Ethics course available on  Our other continuing education courses do not count towards your California prelicensing requirements!


Still need help figuring out your insurance training? We’re happy to help! Call us today at (800) 498-5100 or head over to our Insurance Prelicensing page for more information about Code and Ethics.

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