5 Reasons to Become An Insurance Agent in 2023

04 Mar
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5 Reasons to Become An Insurance Agent in 2023

Why it is a Good Idea to Sell Insurance in 2023

Looking for a new career? No previous experience? No college degree? That’s ok! We can help you.

Becoming an insurance agent. Are you interested in solid earning potential? Are you self-motivated to learn? Here are 5 reasons why:


1.) You could own your business.

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Business Owner

Many insurance agents begin to get started because they like being the boss. They enjoy the flexibility that comes with it. You could earn equity as well as income once you are established. As a new insurance agent, you will decide if you would like to work for a specific company. You can become a brokerage to sell products from many agencies. It’s always good to see what perks and support different companies and brokerages offer. Some will help you get started. Some will provide on-the-job training with a seasoned agent. Ensure you understand the details of the agency agreements you’re asked to sign. Read all the fine points.


Already excited to get started? You must take a California Life Insurance Prelicense Course and Life Insurance License Training.


2.) Earning potential is set by your drive and abilities.

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Earning Potential - California life insurance license - insurance training - life insurance prelicensing courseAre you self-motivated? Are you a good salesperson, and do you enjoy working with people? Do you have a solid network, or are you willing to work to build one? These are all skills that can help you start your insurance business. And the sky is the limit! The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the top ten percent of insurance agents in the U.S. earn more than $128,000! It does take time for new agents to build their businesses. The potential for high earnings keeps many agents motivated, and they strive to reach the next level year after year.



3.) You can help people protect what matters most

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Earning Protect - insurance trainingNo matter what kind of insurance you sell, you will talk and listen to what is essential to clients. What properties and possessions do they want to protect? How do they plan to provide for their families? Your ability to understand and meet their needs can make a huge difference. No one wants to imagine a disaster or death, or disability. But as an insurance agent, it will be your job to help your clients plan. So when those situations arise, they’re able to cope and continue on.


4.) No college degree is required

Insurance CE Prelicense Training No Degree - life insurance prelicensing courseSome college subjects might prove helpful, but a college degree is unnecessary. Success will depend on your personality, work ethic, determination, and learning ability. You will need to be licensed to sell Insurance, requiring some training to prepare for the licensing exam.



5.) You can get insurance training for your state licensing exam online, on your schedule

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Studying - how to get an insurance licenseFor many, starting a new career seems daunting. Going back to school to train for one is even more so! The good news is you can prepare for the CA insurance licensing exam online and on your own time. You never have to go into a classroom or write a term paper. When you choose the right training provider, you can pass the state exam the first time. Here’s what you should look for in a prelicensing program:

• 100% Online

Access from anywhere/anytime

• Exam prep INCLUDED in the timed course materials for FREE

CA requires you to complete 52 hours of study time before taking your licensing exam. Apply the time you spend memorizing sample questions toward your study time. And don’t pay extra for exam prep! It should be included since you need it to pass the state exam.

• Plenty of time to complete the course

Make sure there isn’t a 30 or 90-day cutoff. You don’t want to get locked out of your program because you couldn’t get it all done on time.

• Help when you need it

Ensure there will be someone there if you need help using the online system. Before you sign up for a program, give the company a call and ask questions. Are they helpful? Are they kind and understanding? Will they be in your corner as you take this big step toward your future?


At Affordable Educators, we’re here to help you become a successful insurance agent! All our life insurance prelicensing courses are 100% online. We also include the critical exam prep materials for FREE and as part of our timed curriculum. You will NEED it to pass the state exam. Your entire course is available to you for a whole year after purchase. We know life happens, and plans change. So take your time and study at your own pace. And we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.


Learn how to get a California life insurance license. Check out our life insurance prelicensing course. Also, look at the prelicensing courses, and insurance training, or call 1-(800) 498-5100. We’d love to teach you how to get an insurance license, and we help you take that first step toward your new career as an insurance agent.

We are always available to help you learn how to get an insurance license with our easy and affordable life insurance prelicensing course!

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