Don’t Let Your CE Needs Intimidate You

12 May
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Don’t Let Your CE Needs Intimidate You

Thinking of your CE needs?  Affordable Educators would like you to remember… Do not let your CE requirements intimidate you.

As you know, keeping up to date as an insurance agent can be exhausting. The rules. The regulations. The updates and the changes with the DOI require a team …. And your Continuing Education? It’s a lot.

Why Continuing Ed?

Continuing Education or CE is not meant to be a test of who gets keep their license. The California Department of Insurance is not asking if you are a good enough agent to start a selling a new product. You CE is merely a method that is used to keep you up to date and involved.

An industry insider says, “CE offers agents another way to stay connected. Continuing education in the industry is a sure way for agents and brokers to stay competitive and broaden their expertise.”

A few months before your California Insurance license renewal, the Department of Insurance will send you an email detailing your license. Your Continuing Education or CE history and needs will be listed in that email. This email is to provide you a starting point. Keep in mind your most current CE may not yet be updated.

CE Exam Tips and Guides

Affordable Educators offers a quick step-by-step on how to read your license here.

Remember, your CE requirement not meant to be intimidating. You do not get extra points for spending extra hours on your work. Your CEs are credited by the amount of questions in an exam not by the hours one spends.

There will be no extra mystery points given for taking harder CE classes either. Closed book exams? Not worth your time. Practice exams and a CE final too? Why bother! CE is too educate not stress.

How Do I choose a CE Class?

Finding the classes that work for your renewals is easy and designations like Annuities and LTC  will need updating each renewal. Your license renewal is also a great time to think about learning some new things!

For almost thirty years, Affordable Educators has been writing the books that California insurance agents need to keep updated and renew their licenses. To keep CE interesting, we also write topics that seem timely or on trend. Pet Insurance, The Ethical Advantage and Voluntary Benefits are a few of our newest titles

You can find a list of our CE classes with their details here.

License Reviews

Everyday California Insurance agents reach out to us for license reviews. You will find Affordable Educators is happy to review your needs and offer some CE suggestions and guidance. Each of us may ask what companies you work with and  we may go down a check list of options to keep you doing the same work or inquire about expanding your license.

Can I change what I am selling?

Your renewal is a good time to think about selling new products. Now is the time where you can address adding new lines or selling new products. Think of your renewals a chance to start anew. Clean the slate and jump into new product lines. Or not.

The California Department of Insurance is generous in letting you repeat some of the same CE classes from renewal to renewal. If you keep your license up to date, you can always inquire about taking the same classes to meet your current needs.

You now have the tools for Easy CE and renewals don’t not be afraid of your CE requirements any longer. You can do this! Affordable Educators can help.

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