Is an Insurance CE Package for You?

04 Mar
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Is an Insurance CE Package for You?

Everyone Packages!

Costco does it! Online retailers offer them too. Everywhere you look, companies offer you insurance CE package. Buy this and get that. We “know what you want! “We” figured out just what you need. Good things come in packages. Or do they? Is it really a one size fits all world?

Not always. A package of insurance CE can leave an agent unable to keep selling the products that make them money. Worse yet, a missed CE class may interfere with renewal checks and compliance.


California Insurance Agents are as Unique as their License Number

Insurance agents are often approached with prebuilt packages of CEs. Companies offer an agent the same CE package that was chosen for all the agents in California. How can that be good? Not everyone sells the same products.

A package may seem like a quick and easy way to get all your CE done. There is little thought to what you sell. Are you a captive agent? Do you write riders? Before that book arrived in the mail, did anyone ask if you sell Flood? Annuities? Or just talk to you about your renewal? Did anyone even glance at your license online and send you a book that was chosen just for you?

Buying a pre-built package for your insurance CE is like a pair of “one-size fits all” pants. It may seem good in theory. Saves you time. But don’t look in the mirror!

Affordable Educators knows that you are unique.

Your CE requirements should be chosen just for your licensing needs. You can choose a package as unique as your own license at Affordable Educators under Insurance CE.


Build Your Own CE Package

Yes, Affordable Educators offers package pricing. A CE package where you can decide what CE fits your requirements. You may choose from any of our Easy CE options. We won’t lock you out any classes. We don’t force you to add on CEs for an extra cost. Make the bundle of classes that works for you. Choose the “All you can Eat” package and you can choose 20 hours or more for one low price. You only pay the additional posting fees*.

Affordable Educators always approaches your CE as unique to you. You may work for a company that requires you keep updated in Flood education. You may sell a policy that has a  LTC rider on the back end. We ask the questions because our goal is to keep you current. We want you to remain current and to keep getting your renewals.


How does Insurance CE work?

Each renewal period the California Department of Insurance will send you a renewal email. In that email the DOI will list how many CEs you need, (currently 24 hours), and how many you have carried over from last time. The DOI may also highlight your need for Ethics and Annuities and LTC.


The Ethics Requirement

Currently, all California Insurance agents must do at least 3-hours of Ethics CEs for their renewal. Affordable Educators offers several Ethics classes. Choosing a larger Ethics-based CE will work for general education and Ethics. Our Ethics CEs range from 3-hours to 30-hours. For many agents one or two of these classes will fulfill all your needs. You are done. Easy!


It’s all about the Renewals

Your personal CE package should keep you licensed in what you sell. If you rep Annuities, Flood or LTC, (Long Term Care), you require specific training and updating each renewal. No worries, the classes will count towards your 24 hours needed and will allow you to keep selling what you sell and getting those renewal checks.

While your goal is to grow your business or to keep cashing those checks, our goal is to keep you compliant with ease.


The Affordable Educators Difference

It’s Easy. Affordable Educators offers free license reviews. We will ask you what you want to do with your license and if you want to change your selling practices. We will help you build a CE package tailored to your needs.

You may reach us by phone, email or online chat during office hours.

*The California Department of Insurance now charges posting fees per credit submitted for them to Sircon.


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