Insurance CE Requirements for Property and Casualty Licenses

13 Mar
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Home and Car

Insurance CE Requirements for Property and Casualty Licenses

Everything you need to know about your Property and Casualty CE

Whether you have been a licensed agent for years or are new to the insurance industry, you need CE.

California Insurance CE or continuing education is required for each renewal term. Currently the California Department of Insurance requires 24 hours of CE including any mandatory hours every two years.

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Insurance CE Prelicense Training Ethics CompassWhat CE is required?

All California Insurance agents need at least 3 hours of Ethics each renewal. Agents may do larger ethics CE classes and the hours will count towards both Ethics and general education. Ethics hours do not count towards your requirement if they are rolled over from a prior renewal.


Is Flood CE Mandatory?

Many Property and Casualty agents also add an updated FEMA approved Flood CE to their list simply to be kept in quoting programs. Imagine the embarrassment if you are trying to quote a flood policy online and you cannot log-in to the program because your flood CE expired? Simply keeping flood in your CE mix will allow you to continue quoting and give you 3 hours of CE credit.

Some of the larger insurance companies require Flood CE every renewal, whether you are writing flood insurance or not. Check with your company for more guidelines.


What about Homeowner’s Valuation CE?

Homeowners Valuation is a one-time CE requirement. This 3-hour CE class must be done before you can even approach the public about a homeowner’s policy. Affordable Educators, CE class 186 provides CE credit and the required certificate to get an agent ready to chat to clients about their homeowners needs.

Remember, you never need to repeat CE186, but you may do it again for CE credits.


Quick Tip to Save Time and Money

CE190, 3-hour Flood and CE186, Homeowner’s Valuation can be done at the same time for one low fee. It’s like getting one free when you buy one! Great for a starter agent to do now. Visit


What about Errors and Omissions (E&O)?

Errors and Omissions CE often gives an agent a better price point if they send their finished certificate to their carriers. Some larger companies ask their agents to do and updated E&O every few years to keep their prices down and their policies up!


When should I do my CE?

Renewals are every two years and CE may be taken any time during that renewal. You can do your CE on the first day of your new license or the very last day. Keep in mind that you work current on your license. Any hours that roll over are a gift from the Department of Insurance. So, your extra hours of ethics will count just as free hours, not ethics hours.


Why choose Affordable Educators for my CE?

Simple. Easy CE. Our online system saves you time while you learn. For more than 25 years Affordable Educators has empowered California insurance agents to meet the requirements of the Department of Insurance and their carriers. We love helping agents find the right Insurance CE to meet their needs. Give us a call today at (800) 498-5100.

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