Changes for Insurance Agents in 2023

22 Jan
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Changes for Insurance Agents in 2023

California Insurance Agents face changes in the New Year

It’s another new year and there are some changes you need to know as a licensed California insurance producer.

Let’s guide you through a few changes for 2023:

Affordable Educators

At AE we work hard to earn and keep your business.  For 2023 we are making new navigation changes to our website to make your experience easier than the rest.  Give it a try at Affordable Educators.

Our insurance continuing education is just plain easy.  How?  Innovative side-by-side study screens are making a lot of agents very happy.  No more back and forth between exam screens and book screens.  The exam and book are on the same screen!  All of this means you will finish quicker.  And, answers for your CE quizzes are now saved every minute.  So, if you need to step out for a bite, your answers will automatically be saved and waiting for you when you get back.

Insurance prelicense training at Affordable Educators includes everything you need to pass the state exam.  And, you will now find free exam prep study inside the study course.  This means you will earn study minutes while getting a leg up on your exam prep study questions.  No one else does this.  And, there are no time limits, so you can finish at your own pace.  New for 2023 is our Study Guide for State Exam Surprise Questions.  It’s like reading their minds!

Sexual harassment prevention training for agencies with five or more employees is another 2023 requirement.  A lot of legislation has been deferred because of Covid, but NOT harassment training. Don’t worry, this is an easy and inexpensive fix.  Your employees simply watch a one-hour video to be certified.  Two hours for managers.  Call us with any questions.

Let’s Chat

Too busy to call ? You can easily chat with us online Monday through Friday. Try it today.  You can click through from Affordable Educators and start your chat. We would love to hear from you!

License Renewals

In 2023, the State handed all license renewal duties off to a private company called Sircon.  Let’s take a look at the procedures you will need to follow in 2023:

How will I know when it’s time to renew my license?

The license expiration date is shown on the front of the license. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) e-mails a renewal notice approximately 90 days before your license expires. If, for some reason, you do not receive a renewal notice, you may Check Your License Status online to review your license expiration date and continuing education credits. After reviewing your license status, you can link to CDI’s – Renewal and Reinstatement service.


Will I still be able to continue transacting business if my license expires and I haven’t received the renewed license?

Yes, provided that CDI has received BOTH your renewal fee and the continuing education hours before the expiration date of your license. If these conditions have been met, you may continue operating under the existed license for 60 days or until notified that the renewal application is deficient (Section 1720 of the California Insurance Code).


What if my renewal is late?

A renewal is considered late if the renewal date occurs after the expiration date on the license, or if any license renewal requirement such as the continuing education hours are completed after the expiration date listed on the license. A 50 percent penalty fee is required to late renew the license and all insurance company appointments must be reestablished with the appropriate forms and fees. Don’t let this happen.  It will delay your paychecks and ruin your day.

You have precisely one calendar year from the expiration date to late renew the license; after which time you must file a new application, appointment (s), fees, and, if required, complete prelicensing education and pass the qualifying examination.

CDI’s online renewal service guides the licensee, step-by-step, through the renewal process by asking the same questions that are asked on the paper renewal application. The licensee is able to answer the questions online, update contact information (address, e-mail, etc.) and submit a credit card (American Express, VISA, or MasterCard) or debit card (with a VISA or MasterCard logo) payment.

How  do I reinstate my license if I’m late?

If you failed to submit your license fees or finish your continuing ed on time, you can still go to the website to reinstate your license.  Of course, you have to complete the CE first, then choose the reinstatement button at and pay the late fee (not available for bail agents)

If my renewal is “late” and I have completed the required continuing education hours, how long does it take to process the “late” renewal?

Satisfy all of the renewal requirements (late fees and CE at, and your license can be immediately reinstated (as long as you haven’t let it go for more than one year).  And, you will be able to print your new license right away.

If you choose to use a paper license renewal form (form 448-29A) it can take approximately two to three weeks for the review process to take place.

License Changes

Here are the best ways to handle license changes in 2023:

Address changes? includes a change address online link for changes within the state.  This service cannot be used if you are changing resident states (residential address to another state). If you are changing your resident state, you must file the address change form LIC 447-7.


How do I cancel or surrender my license?
To cancel or surrender your license complete the License Cancellation Request Form LIC CC2. You may submit this form by emailing the completed form to or by fax to (916) 327-6907.


I’ve recently married. How do I notify the California Department of Insurance of my name change?

To change the name on your license, you need to send a form of documentation showing your new name (i.e. copy of social security card, driver’s license, or marriage certificate) and a signed statement. Fax your name change request to (916) 327-6907 or mail to: Department of Insurance, 320 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814-4309. The process will take one to two weeks.


How do I inform the California Department of Insurance that I represent a new insurance company or that I no longer represent an insurance company?
The new insurance company must submit an action notice of appointment, form LIC 447-54A and fee of $32. The prior company may submit an action notice of termination, form LIC 447-54T and fee of $32 to terminate appointment, or you may self terminate your appointment by completing the agent notice of termination, form LIC 447-69 and submitting a fee of $32.


I have authority to act as a solicitor and would like to obtain authority to act as an agent or a broker; what is the procedure?
Your solicitor appointment must first be terminated either by you or the employer. The employer should complete a solicitor action notice, form LIC 417-31 and submit a fee of $32. To self terminate your appointment, you may complete a solicitor self termination notice , form LIC 417-32  and submit $32. After the termination is effective, an action notice of appointment, form LIC 447-54A  and $32 is required from each company. A Broker Bond of Insurance, form LIC 417-5  in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) must be filed with the California Department of Insurance before broker authority can be granted.

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