Affordable CE: 7 Ways to Know You’re Getting the Best Value

18 Mar
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Affordable CE: 7 Ways to Know You’re Getting the Best Value

There are a lot of options for CE out there, here’s how to find the best value.

When it’s time to renew your license, everyone wants easy and affordable CE. But you also want to make sure you get the best value for your buck. So what makes one CE deal better than another? Here are a few important factors you should consider when looking for affordable CE that offers the best value:

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1.) Online on your time

Your time is valuable and not everyone wants to do their CE during business hours or wants to take time out to go into a classroom. If that sounds like you, look for a program that is 100% online and lets you login and out as you need without losing any of your progress. Also take a look at the online learning system. Is it easy to use and navigate? Will you have access to your certificates and receipts after you’ve completed your CE? If it’s difficult just to get started, odds are actually getting your CE done is going to be complicated too.


2.) Content that could actually help your business

Continuing education should be just that…it should continue building on the knowledge you already have. So make sure the courses you take include information that could help you grow your business, avoid lawsuits, find a new niche, and stay compliant.


3.) Open book exams with FREE retakes and pay AFTER you pass

Ok, this is a three-in-one value. But it’s important so you don’t waste your time and money. Make sure you have every opportunity to complete your CE easily without be charged in case you don’t pass right away. No one is perfect, right?


4.) Compliant with state requirements

Did you know that ethics CE is mandatory every time you renew your license? Did you know there are also specific requirements if you sell annuities, long term care, flood, and more? Make sure there are CE courses available that cover ALL of the areas that you’ll need. And it’s a bonus value if there’s someone you can call for help figuring out what you need.


5.) Reports CE hours to DOI for you

Once your CE is complete, it needs to be reported to the Department of Insurance so you get credit toward your license renewal. Make sure your CE will be reported in a timely manner,


6.) Unlimited CE hours for one low price

Rather than compare price alone to determine which is the most affordable CE, look at what you get for the cost. Do they charge by the hour? That can add up quickly. Do they offer a yearly membership at what seems like a discounted price? That might seem like a good deal, but are you really going to do CE all year long? Most agents do CE a month or two before their renewal and then move on. The best value might be a combination of these two pricing structures. Affordable Educators has simple packages broken down by the number of hours you need: 1-11 hours for $23; 12-19 hours for $33; and 20+ hours for $38. That last package is a huge value! You can do the typical 24 hours needed for your license renewal and then add on as many additional hours as you want. AND you have 30 days after you pay for your package to add on any extra courses. Hours you complete beyond what’s needed for your upcoming renewal can roll forward to the next one.


7.) Help when you need it

The value of knowledgeable help cannot be over counted when we’re looking for affordable CE. Do you know what CE you really need? Are you sure the courses you’re choosing will keep you compliant with the specific CE rules for the products you sell? What if you have trouble using the online system or need your certificate or receipt when you’re done? Want to confirm your hours were reported to the state and your license has been renewed? Make sure there’s someone you can call who will pick up the phone and who can actually help you if and when you need it.


When it comes to CE, you have options as to how, when, and where you get yours done. But looking at price alone might actually leave you with a more confusing process and CE that’s more difficult to complete. Make sure you’re looking at the total value you get when you’re deciding which affordable CE program to choose. Affordable Educators has been the leader in CA insurance CE since 1993! Our focus has always been on easy, affordable CE that supports your business goals and gets you on with your life quickly. All of our courses are available online and also in print if you prefer that format – either way, you only pay after you pass. Your certificates, receipts and CE history are always available online anytime.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re here when you need us. We’ll do a free license review and customize a CE plan just for you. We can answer your questions and help you navigate the whole license process. When you’re done, we report CE hours every day of the week so your credits will be recorded as quickly as possible.


But we know sometimes price is the bottom line. So you can always count on us for affordable CE pricing in packages that give you a great value: 1-11 hours for $23; 12-19 hours for $33; and 20+ hours for $38.


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