2019 California Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

06 Mar
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2019 California Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Renewing your CE in 2019

In order to remain in good standing with the California Department of Insurance, agents must renew their license every two years. All property/casualty, life, accident and health, personal lines, and commercial lines agents are required to take twenty-four hours of continuing education during their two year renewal period. If you have multiple licenses, rejoice! You still only need to take twenty-four hours total.

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Insurance CE Prelicense Training Ethics CompassEthics Requirements

Every licensee will need to take at least three hours of ethics every two years, no exception! Affordable Educators offers ten ethics based courses, meaning you get the ethics requirement taken care of AND hours towards your total twenty-four needed! Remember, the California Department of Insurance does NOT make you take these ethics hours on top of your twenty-four hours of continuing education, rather as part of the twenty-four.


Insurance CE Prelicense Training Carry Over HoursCarry-Forward/Excess Hours

If you complete more than the twenty-four hours needed during your two-year renewal period, the Department of Insurance will credit the excess or carry forward hours towards your next renewal requirements. However, there are a couple of caveats with this rule. First, you can only carry forward up to twenty-four hours total, the DOI has been known to not credit licensees that take in excess of twenty-four hours, so do not want to risk that they will not post your hours! Secondly, you cannot carry forward training requirements such as ethics, annuities, long-term care, or flood. As an example, say you completed our thirty-hour, Insurance Marketing issues ethics based course. You will have six hours carry forward for you next renewal, but none of those hours will be credited toward your next ethics training requirements, you will still need to complete another ethics course!


Insurance CE Prelicense Training Duplicate CoursesDuplicate Courses

The California Department of Insurance allows insurance agents to take a duplicate course, as long as you are in a new licensing period. In other words, you cannot take our Insurance Marketing Issues twice in two years, rather you must wait until your next renewal to retake it.



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