I Finished my Insurance CE, now what?

10 Jul
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I Finished my Insurance CE, now what?


What are my next steps now that I’ve finished my Insurance CE?

If you are reading this article more than likely, you have finished your insurance continuing education requirements and are looking what to do next (if not, then check out this article, What the heck do I need to renew my license?)! Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what to expect after you finish your insurance ce:

Step 1- Ensure that you have completed all your California Insurance CE requirements.  You can either call us to confirm or visit Sircon to double check.  Sircon is the DOI’s new 3rd party provider and they handle all of the insurance licensing back end now.

Step 2- If you are within 90 days of renewing your California insurance license, you will need to make sure you renew.  This will be done via the DOI’s new 3rd party provider, Sircon… Once on their website, click the “Renew or Reinstate your License” tab.  Call us at 800-498-5100 if you need help renewing.

Step 3- Print your certificates.  If you need your certificates for proof of completion of your California Insurance CE to send to your company or your appointments, you can login to your account here with your insurance license number.  Once logged in, scroll down until you see, “Completed Courses”; you will be able to print your certificates from here.

Step 4- We take care of the rest! We will submit your insurance CE hours through Sircon, which in turn will get reported to the Department of Insurance.  We submit to Sircon daily and your hours are uploaded instantly.

We at Affordable Educators pride ourselves on our customer service and have for the last 25 years that we have been serving all California Insurance Agents.  We are here for you and your insurance ce, prelicensing, or compliance training needs five days a week!

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