Top 3 Reasons You Need California Earthquake Certification

18 Jun
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Top 3 Reasons You Need California Earthquake Certification

Three simple reasons to keep your California Earthquake Certification up to date

If you’ve lived in California for any period of time, you know that earthquakes are just part of our way of life. Earthquakes can also be important sources of business for California Adjusters and out-of-state CAT adjusters ready to serve where the next big need arises. So why should you keep your California Earthquake Certification up to date? It comes down to three simple reasons:


1. Be ready when a big quake hits.

Without your certification, you CANNOT work on ANY earthquake claims in California…period. This applies to California and out-of-state Adjusters. So, if a big one hits (and we’ll never know when that’s going to happen) and you’re not certified or if your last cert has expired, you will miss out on all of that claims work. Once you have your cert, it’s good for 3 years.


2. It’s EASY and ONLINE.

Getting and keeping your certification is EASY and can be done 100% ONLINE – no classrooms, no travel, no seminars. Many people associate all things California earthquake insurance with the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). And while they do provide most earthquake insurance in California, either directly or through other carriers, the actual certification is not associated with the CEA. Rather, the Certification is required by law by the California Department of Insurance. That means you can complete our EASY online course at your own pace, we report your certification to the Department of Insurance, you have your certificate, and you’re good to go!


3. Earn CE credit for your certification.

Our earthquake certification has been approved by the California Department of Insurance to count as continuing education hours toward your next license renewal. California Adjusters, you can earn 12 hours of CE credits for getting or updating your California Earthquake Certificate. Just add one more 12-hour course and your license renewal CE is done!


Don’t miss out on CA earthquake claims when a big one hits! Need one more reason to get or renew your California Earthquake Certification? How about an affordable price:


California Adjusters: Get or renew your California Earthquake Certification and earn 12 hours of CE credits toward your next license renewal for $79 (plus CA DOI posting fee of 67¢ per credit hour).


Out-of-state Adjusters: We know you don’t need CA CE credits. So complete your California Earthquake Certification course for just $59!


Ready to get started? Head over to our California Earthquake Certification page. CA Adjusters, add course #183 or #187 to complete all required CE for your license renewal.

Have questions or not sure what you need? With more than 25 years in the CA insurance containing education business, we’ve come across about just about everything and we’re happy to help. Visit for more information on all of our continuing education courses or give us a call at 1-800-498-5100.



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