The Ethical Advantage: New Course #222

15 May
Insurance CE Prelicense Training Ethical Advantage

The Ethical Advantage: New Course #222

Did you know that the Department of Insurance requires AT LEAST three hours ethics training every licensing renewal period?? We’re sure you did! But the DOI lets you take MORE than three hours, which means that you get more bang for your buck.  Plus all of Affordable Educators’ Ethics courses are good for any license type; so really it’s like getting two for the price of one: you get more continuing education hours AND your ethics training requirement is covered.

Affordable Educators introduces the newest course to our ethics collection, The Ethical Advantage #222; it is a 16 hour course designed to teach you things such as why being ethical is more than being right, the importance of placing your clients above your commissions, how pacing yourself can reduce errors and omissions and the nine steps to manage client conflicts before they erupt into ethical dilemmas.  All can be stepping stones to a new, higher bottom line for your business!


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