Finish your California Insurance Agent License and Prelicense Training Quicker. Use our Easy Insurance Agent Education.

07 Jul
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Finish your California Insurance Agent License and Prelicense Training Quicker. Use our Easy Insurance Agent Education.

Finish your California Insurance License Training Quickly. Use our Easy Insurance School.

The State of California requires you to take 52-hours of online insurance pre-license training. This requirement must be fulfilled before taking the State Insurance Exam. Training for insurance licensing should be completed before taking the State Insurance Exam. Prelicense insurance school providers use timers to make sure you spend the hours you need. So, how can there be a way to finish quicker?

There are two parts to almost every California insurance pre-license training program:

  1. The online training (up to 52-hours)
  2. Study materials to help you pass the State Exam (Exam Prep)
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With most schools, you have to finish the online training BEFORE you can study Exam Prep. But what if you could combine Exam Prep INSIDE with the online training? In the education business, this is called “embedded learning,” and the end result is that you save time . . . A LOT OF TIME!!! So, find an online pre-license provider that uses embedded learning. You can finish your license training quicker . . . REALLY!!!

Let’s look at an example. Mark buys a standard 52-hour California online pre-license training course. He spends the required 52 hours training online. Then invest another 10 days studying the provider’s exam prep questions and answers. Then you are scheduling his State Exam. Mary uses our embedded learning school. This way, she takes her 52 hours of online pre-license training. When she finished, she had already studied most of the exam prep questions. They were “embedded” in her online course. She needs only a couple more days to review, and she’s ready to sit for the State Exam!

Affordable Educatorsinsurance agent license prelicense training - insurance agent education is the ONLY prelicense school with embedded State Exam training. Insurance licensing exam prep materials are found at the end of every study section. You can do both California insurance training and your exam prep training. This saves hours and hours of valuable study time. Use that time to schedule your State Exam early. Or use it to get better prepared to take the state insurance license exam.

Dave Schoeffler is the founder of Affordable Educators Insurance School. For help with the Insurance Agent License training, please call him at (800) 498-5100. or write to him through