5 Ways Diversity Training Could Improve Your Insurance Business

28 Jul
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5 Ways Diversity Training Could Improve Your Insurance Business


Improving business through diversity training!

In January Forbes published its third annual list of The Best Employers For Diversity 2020. In the updated list, eleven of the top 100 companies were in the Insurance industry, which is a huge improvement over 2019 when only one insurance company ranked among the top 100.


This shows that investing in diversity is an initiative changing our industry (and others) at every level. So how should you and your business respond? Here are 5 ways focusing on diversity and inclusiveness can improve your business:


1.) Diversity in your team can foster innovation – people from different backgrounds will come up with new, different, and out-of-the-box solutions that can move your business forward.


2.) A diverse team comes up with better ideas – an environment where people feel safe sharing their ideas, challenging each other, and working together will ultimately produce better ideas that could make your business more robust and profitable.


3.) Diversity can help you become a leader – team members who speak different languages and come from different cultures are able to reach different communities, locations, and niches. This could allow you to grow your business in ways you might not have been able to on your own.


4.) A company culture of diversity and inclusion attracts better talent – top performers are attracted to companies that support their employees and provide opportunities to all. Keep your current employees happy and bring in new, highly effective people to take your business to the next level.


5.) Diversity improves customer service – increasingly, consumers are making purchasing decisions based on their experience rather than price. We’re all human and we all like doing business with someone we feel understands us. A diverse team can allow you to better serve you customers’ needs and keep their business year after year.


Here are some things you can do to improve workplace diversity and better support all of your employees:


• Stop following societal stereotypes

• Share the decision-making process

• Promote flexibility

• Respect different career goals

• Educate employees


Educating yourself and your employees can be a powerful strategy to create a more diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team. With our CE course #224 – Diversity Training, you’ll get a great overview and practical applications for diversity in the insurance industry while earning three credit hours and meeting the ethics requirement for your next license renewal.


Here’s a bonus idea…or two:

1.) Team building (work from home friendly) – Ask your team to complete course #224. The course is 100% online, so everyone can complete it remotely. Then organize a discussion (in-office or virtual video conference) about how you can make some positive changes on your team. You might be surprised by who has great ideas you’ve never heard before.

2.) Show clients you value diversity – let your clients know your team is committed to diversity. Post course certificates proudly in your office. Include a tagline in your emails, for example, “Our team is committed to diversity and completed our most recent training on (date)!” You may find clients appreciate this more than you would expect or even get inspired to refer friends because your company is one they respect and enjoy doing business with.


Ready to start your diversity training course? Head to https://ceclass.affordableeducators.com/ and complete course #224 – Diversity Training for 3 hours of CE credit.


Have questions or not sure what you need? With more than 25 years in the CA insurance containing education business, we’ve come across about just about everything and we’re happy to help. Visit https://affordableeducators.com for more information on all of our continuing education courses or give us a call at 1-800-498-5100.

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