Affordable Educators for Your Insurance CE Needs

31 Jul
Affordable Educators Studying Insurance CE

Affordable Educators for Your Insurance CE Needs

When looking for a Insurance CE or Continuing Education provider how do you choose?

Of course, we would love to just say choose Affordable Educators for your Insurance CE needs, and that would be the end of this story. But let us put some facts in this story and make your choice a bit easier.

Last year, tens of thousands of students passed their finals with the California Department of Insurance and became licensed insurance agents. Many were looking to start new careers while others looked to expand their base and reach new goals while repping new insurance products. Either way, most will need some CE before they make that first appointment or take that first call.  Affordable Educators can help.

Affordable Educators has been educating insurance agents for over 25 years. As leaders in industry education, we pride ourselves in keeping you up to date on the rules and regulations that may impact what you sell and who you speak to.

Our online system is second to none. We offer a full range of topics with many choices for agents ready to expand into niche markets. Our library is always growing and you have options of repeating familiar CE courses or choosing from fresh new titles. Call us to help you choose.

Open book and multiple choice exams make your testing far easier than one may think and you may come and go as time permits. This handy feature lets you start your CE class, take a call or leave for a meeting and your work is saved until you log back into your account and click on the exam. Who does that?

Affordable Educators offers printed books for those agents who like to study with a book in hand and you can share your titles with friends and save money. Our “share” program is a great way for an office to update CE requirements and do the same classes. Bail agents this is a great program for your office. Call us to order.

Our price points are competitive and our service is friendly. We think of our clients as friends and want to keep them competitive in their business and help them at every turn.

Finally, since Affordable Educators call California home, we tend to specialize in the needs of California agents. We keep up to date on rules, we submit hours daily and we share your time zone. Calling us for your free license review is quick and easy.

Plus, we have tons of additional products and resources to keep agents up to date on all the latest trends and news in the insurance industry.

So call us today at (800) 498-5100 or if you’re ready to renew stop by our Insurance CE site today!

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