Calling All California Insurance Adjusters

05 May
Affordable Educators Adjuster - CFP certification

Calling All California Insurance Adjusters

Have you renewed your 2020 California Adjuster license yet? If not, no need to fret, we at Affordable Educators have you covered.  A California insurance adjuster needs 24 hours of continuing education, including at least 3 hours of ethics training, every two years.  If you are pressed for time, we have a great option for you…

Our most popular course, California Claims Adjusting #181, is a 24 hour, ethics based course and will cover everything you need to renew.  The course itself covers an array of topics from the nature and ethics of claims to medical claims adjusting; which right now, in these times of COVID-19, could prove useful!  All of our courses are 100% online, easy, and quick.  We now submit all completions to the Department of Insurance daily, so you can rest assured your hours will make it in on time.

Since most adjusters renew every two years, you may be unaware that the Department of Insurance has now switched to a new 3rd party provider, Sircon.  All renewing adjusters will use Sircon to renew their licenses this time around and for the future.

As always, Affordable Educators is here for you! Call us, live chat us on our website, or email us at with any questions you may have about your 2020 California Insurance Adjuster renewal.

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