Asked & Answered: California Earthquake Training Edition

10 Sep
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Asked & Answered: California Earthquake Training Edition

prelicense course - p & c license - continuing education for insurance - ce insuranceYou ask, we answer! We know you are busy and trying to find an answer is hard to come by (because really, who wants to look past the first page of Google anymore?).  Don’t worry, we hear you!  Here are the most common questions we get about the California Earthquake Training Course:

Question # 1: WHY? As in, why do I have to take this California Earthquake Training course?

Answer #1: The California Department of Insurance has adopted regulations that requires the training of insurance adjusters in evaluating damage caused by earthquakes and fair claims handling. These regulations can be found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Sub-chapter 7.5.1. In a nutshell, YOU MUST BE EARTHQUAKE AND FAIR CLAIMS CERTIFIED TO ADJUST EARTHQUAKE CLAIMS IN CALIFORNIA.

The California Earthquake Authority (issuers of almost 70% of all California earthquake policies) also requires adjusters be certified under the above regulations AND, in addition, take CEA-specific training in order to adjust CEA policy claims.

Question #2: Do I need to do any extra training on top of California Earthquake Training course?

Question #2: YES.  The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) requires that any insurance adjuster that wants to adjust claims on their behalf, take their course.  This is an online course called Homeowners Coverage Training: CEA 2016 and 2019 Policies; it is 50 minutes in length and at the end there is a 20-question test… a passing score is 70%.

Question #3: Will I get a certificate and how long is it good for?

Answer #3: Yes! You can access/print your certificate any time in your account.  The certification is good for three years.

Question #4: Will I receive any continuing education credits when taking the California Earthquake Training Course?

Answer #4: Yes & No. Yes, if you are an adjuster in California, you will receive 12 hours of continuing education credit.  If you are an out of state adjuster, you will not receive the 12 hours of continuing education credit.

Question #5: What is the cost of the California Earthquake Training Course?

Answer #5: Again, if you are in an adjuster in CA, you can receive 12 continuing education credits and the cost is $79.  Otherwise, it is $59 for adjusters that do not need or do not qualify for the continuing education credits.

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