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Sexual Harassment Training for employees and supervisors / managers is now required by law starting January 1, 2021. But you have better things to do than writing and designing online compliance courses and keeping detailed records to make sure employees take them.

We can deliver employee training for $12 and manager / supervisor training at only $17. Discounts are available for large orders.

We’ve successfully implemented industry training since 1993 with over 100,000 satisfied customers. We understand the rules and fully support the process. Let us be your sexual harassment compliance trainer.

Protect Yourself

Thousands of harassment claims are filed every year. Don’t let it happen to you. While no one escapes complete liability, harassment prevention training helps promote a better, more respectful workplace and could help you avoid or minimize federal / state investigations or a costly lawsuit.

Sexual Harassment Training Manager Free Report

We make it easy!

• Incredibly LOW prices – $12 Employee / $17 Manager

• Company group discounts

• Corporate accounts

• Pre-paid employee training

• Easy, online admin reports on all employee training

• Certificate record-keeping for 10 years

• Five-Star customer support online or by phone

• Employees train at their own pace, we track their time

• Training is 100% Online & Mobile Friendly

• Courses are Self-Paced and simple to understand

• All students get a FREE PDF book download for reference

• Completion Certificates can be printed anytime

• Satisfies ALL State Requirements

Sexual Harassment Training Manager Company Price
Sexual Harassment Training Company

Free company support! Call us today and let us help you with your Sexual Harassment Compliance needs.

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Free Company Resources

Anti-Harassment Pamphlet
Must distribute to ALL employees (12950.1)

Anti-Harassment Poster
Must post (12950.1)

Transgender Rights Poster
Must post (12950.1)

Sample Anti-Harassment Policy
Must distribute to all employees (CCR 11023)

*Information provided for education ONLY. Consult legal counsel before using ANY of these sources or documents.

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