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Important! New UPDATED CA Earthquake Certification requirements must be completed by Dec 31, 2021. Learn More.
Even if you recently renewed your California Earthquake Certification, you need to complete the newly UPDATED course.

Are you Earthquake Certified? Get Ready Now!

Scientists predict the big one is on the way! Every adjuster MUST be Earthquake Certified to Adjust Earthquake Claims in California.

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Satisfies California's Required Earthquake Training found in CCR, Title 10, Chapter 5, Sub-chapter 7.5.1.

Comprehensive Training

Exceeds other 5 or 8 hour courses. What are they missing? There is a LOT to know about earthquake claims.

Fair Claims

Includes California Fair Claims Settlement Certification (required annually of every adjuster).

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Earthquake certification adds value to your resume.

Why Do I need to Take Earthquake Training?

The California Department of Insurance has adopted regulations governing the required training for earthquake certification for adjusters. This training covers evaluating the damage caused by earthquakes and fair claims handling. These regulations can be found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Sub-chapter 7.5.1. In a nutshell, YOU MUST BE EARTHQUAKE AND FAIR CLAIMS CERTIFIED TO ADJUST EARTHQUAKE CLAIMS IN CALIFORNIA.

The California Earthquake Authority (issuers of almost 70% of all California earthquake policies) requires earthquake certification for adjusters under the above regulations AND, in addition, to take CEA-specific training in order to adjust CEA policy claims. Make sure you qualify to offer California earthquake insurance.

How do I get Earthquake Certified?

To adjust standard ISO Earthquake Claims...

Take our California Earthquake Course by reading our online text and passing a simple, open book exam. You will instantly receive your Earthquake Certificate AND Fair Claims Certification as well (required by the State of California) . . . BOTH from the same course! Our earthquake training certificate is good for three years!

To adjust California Earthquake Authority Claims...

1.) Take our Easy California Earthquake Course

Take our California Earthquake Course by reading our online text and passing a simple, open book exam. You will instantly receive your Earthquake Certificate AND Fair Claims Certification as well (required by CEA) . . . BOTH from the same earthquake CE course! Our earthquake training certificate is good for an entire three years!

2.) Take FREE Earthquake CE Training

Take FREE CEA online training at https://www.earthquakeauthority.com/Insurance-Professionals/For-Adjusters

NOTE: Earthquake CEA currently has 2016 & 2023 versions of this course. You must take both versions to serve all policyholders . . . Some have the 2016 form while others have the 2023 form.

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Get California Earthquake Insurance


Includes 12 CA Adjuster Course Credits


Without CA Adjuster Credits

What Will I Learn From Earthquake CE Certification Training

  • How to document earthquake damage.
  • Creating or obtaining accurate estimates of all covered earthquake damage.
  • Re-evaluating the estimate if the actual costs of repair differ from the costs listed on the original estimate.
  • Inspection techniques for attics, crawlspaces, roofs, chimneys, foundations, and structural areas.
  • Techniques to determine the difference between pre-existing and new cracks in concrete caused by earthquakes.
  • Determining when repair or replacement of the concrete is appropriate as well as proper methods for concrete repair including injected epoxy methods.
  • What to do if additional earthquake damage is found after repair of earthquake damage has begun.
  • Determining the necessity for an engineer or expert to evaluate visible damage and indication of hidden damage.
  • Understanding building code upgrade issues.
  • Understanding earthquake policy forms.
  • All about working with the California Earthquake Authority. . . Homeowner, condo and renter policy forms, deductible calculations, claim procedures, claim denials and special training requirements.
  • The ins and outs of settlement disputes and California’s Earthquake Claims Mediation Program.
  • Laws regarding the obligation of the insurer to investigate any earthquake damage and when it may be appropriate to seek legal counsel to assist in making this determination.
  • A review of programs designed to assist earthquake victims, such as Small Business Administration and Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • California Fair Claims Settlement Practices (Required by Title 10) BONUS: When you complete our training you will automatically earn a Fair Claims Settlement Certificate required annually under Title 10 of the California Code of Regulations.
  • Adjuster duties, responsibilities and best practices

Since 1993, over 100,000 satisfied customers have taken our Earthquake CE courses. Here's comments from a few of our students:

"I have been with Affordable Educators for the past 12 yrs for the renewal of my license. Chris always has been helpful and such a nice and kind lady. I do recommend Affordable Educators 100%"

- Shahla G.

"Affordable Educators is so easy to use and the staff is so helpful!! They gave me a heads up on the time frames and ensured I was taking the right courses!"

- Crystal E.

"I absolutely recommend this place for continuing education and licensing courses. I have been doing my credits with Affordable Educators for at least 10 years and so have my co-workers and friends."

- Moni V.

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