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The State wants you to complete 24 hours of continuing education for insurance. This is required every two years. Why not take a course to move forward in your career as long as you have to do it?


Tired of generic insurance CE with boring definitions and rules. We offer training courses that show the dos and don’ts of handling your own business. Learn from the mistakes of other agents. Some errors could involve you in a lawsuit. You benefit by avoiding potential problems and meeting your CE training simultaneously.

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Looking for even more CE courses?

We have dozens of quality CA Continuing Education courses for various licenses. Need help choosing a course? Give us a call! They can help satisfy all your Continuing Education for Insurance needs.

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FAQ For CA Insurance CE

What Does Diversity Training Include?

diversity training

Diversity training for the workplace helps employees understand the differences in themselves and their coworkers. This ranges across race, color, ethnicity, language, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, gender, socio-economic status, age, and physical and mental ability. It also explores how these differences can impact the work environment.

Diversity training is an important thing your company can offer its employees. Many people think that we need diversity because it makes the workplace more accommodating. Others think it helps our workplace be more welcoming to different people and ideas. This can help individuals grow into their full potential. Companies may provide diversity training to raise our staff’s awareness or point out differences. Our diversity training includes historical landmarks of diversity in America, its race relation challenges, and establish the foundational knowledge (critical concepts). For example, diversity training has moved to include women of color in all company levels. This ranges from frontline service work to the executive suite.

Most of us are aware that there are legal ramifications regarding discrimination. These laws cover hiring practices, promotions, firings, and more. Training on DEI will protect your organization. It reminds your staff about corporate values, mission, and vision for the long-term strategic advantage. Diversity means differences in people. Equity means fairness. Inclusion means belonging. Our diversity training includes recognizing differences in underrepresented populations.

How many hours of ethics training do you need to be an insurance agent?

Three Hours

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What does the California ethics statute require? California Insurance Code (CIC) Section 1749.3 requires that all Property Broker-Agents, Casualty Broker-Agents, Life-Only agents, and Accident and Health agents complete three hours of ethics training during their two-year license term.

What are the continuing education requirements for life-only agents in California?

Affordable Educators California Sexual Harassment TrainingProperty Broker-Agent, Casualty Broker-Agent, Personal Lines Broker-Agent, Life-Only licensees, and Accident and Health licensees must complete at least twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education during every two-year license term.

How many articles are in the Code of Ethics? What is the Code of Ethics?

Seventeen Articles

continuing education for insurance agents - california insurance ceThe California Code of Ethics includes seventeen Articles as well as related Standards of Practice. The principles of the CA Code is described below. Please be aware that the following summary is not a substitute for the Code. It is a simplified general overview of the Code’s principles.

A code of ethics is the insurance industry’s guide of principles. It is designed to help insurance professionals conduct business honestly and with integrity. The CA code of ethics includes topics like business ethics, an employee code of conduct, and a code of professional practice.

Do CE credits rollover?


insurance agent license - Affordable Educators Adjuster CE Courses

Any continuing education credits earned that exceed the required 16-hours of CE in the current term obtained within six months of your license expiration can be carried forward to the next two-year renewal period. When you are ready for your next CE credits, call Affordable Educators for the best online insurance continuing education.

What are CEU?

Affordable Educators - Sexual Harassment Training CompleteContinuing education units, or CEUs, are a measure of hours completed in Property and Casualty insurance license continuing education toward your CA state-required credits. They are available from our online school and are intended to improve the knowledge and skills. Affordable Educators has the easiest online insurance continuing education available.

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5 star classes

I have been with Affordable Educators for the past 12 yrs. Their continuing education for insurance has helped me with my license renewals. Chris always has been helpful and such a friendly and kind lady. I do recommend affordable educators 100%.

–  Shahla G.

5 star classes

I absolutely recommend this place for continuing education and licensing courses. I have been doing my credits with Affordable Educators for at least 10 years.

–  Voni M.

CA Insurance CE training is just plain easier than the rest.

Some schools sell books and exams and send you on your way. We work hard at finding ways to make your CE experience easier. Our 100% online courses feature side-by-side exams and book screens for quick lookups. You save time because there is no back and forth between screens, and searches are fast. You can download a copy of every coursebook we offer for a great reference library.


We also take pride in our clear instructions and five-star customer service. That means actual humans help you find out what CE courses you need and how to get going. You can get help every business day by online chat or phone. Yes, we actually answer the phone!

Complete your CE quicker...REALLY!

One of the best ways to complete your CE faster is to take a larger course. Anytime you can buy a course with more hours, you will get your CE done quicker. Why? Because you will only open one book and one exam versus three or four. That’s bound to be a faster process. We have many excellent large course choices that give you more hours with one book and one exam.


Getting ads from schools promoting courses with “no exam”? They make it sound so simple and fast. Don’t fall for it. These are webinar courses with timers that take longer to complete than our courses. Who wants to be chained to their computer screen for 24 hours?

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Support to help you make better CE choices

Whether you are a busy insurance agent or manage agents in your office, we can help with your CE choices. Call or chat online to determine how many continuing education hours you need. It’s more important than ever to meet your CE requirements on time. If you don’t, new DOI rules will cause your license to lapse. And, a lapsed license means no paycheck.

Free courses

We’ll put our reputation for easier and faster courses on the line and even make it FREE! Try CA Earthquake Coverage (Course #216) or Fiduciary Rules (Course #215). Either one will give you a taste of how our training works, AND you will earn free CE credits to boot.

Industry opportunities and the training to sell them

Why take boring, generic courses? Our courses offer new industry trends and earn CE credits simultaneously. That’s right. We have dozens of course titles that can open new opportunities to grow your business. Here’s just a few:

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Happy Agent

Ethical Advantage

Can being ethical get you more insurance business? Yes, and this CE training (Course 222) delves into how it can happen and proves it works. This course gives you a lot of hours, and it meets your DOI three-hour required ethics hours.


The selling of annuities has made many a life agent wealthy. Let us help you navigate the annuities market. There are many “flavors” selling and just as many disclosure rules. Complete our 8-hour annuity training course to start (Course 201). Afterward, you will be “certified” to talk to potential clients and sell annuities. Ensure to come back every two years to take the required 4-hour refresher course (Course 204).

Long Term Care

The aging of America is a well-known fact. Live long enough, and you will need long-term care. That’s a lot of potential customers for you. In dealing with seniors, however, there are many rules and disclosures to understand. Don’t worry. We’ll give you all the details and background into the senior marketplace. Our 8-Hour Term Care Training (Course #213) gives you all the insight. Complete this course, and you will be “certified “ to sell long-term care anywhere in the State.

Homeowners Insurance Valuation & Flood Insurance

Are you a property/casualty agent? We have you covered. Before you can sell homeowners or flood insurance, you need to take these courses. We have you covered. Look for Homeowner Insurance Valuation (Course #186) or Flood Insurance (Course # 190).

Anti-Money Laundering

Almost any life insurance company will want you to take anti-money laundering training. Learn the red flags you need to know to spot potential criminal and terrorist activities. This is offered in Course #192.

Specialty Markets

Pet Coverage (Course #220) and Insuring Antiques & Collectibles (Course # 223) are new markets. As property & casualty agents, you will be able to promote them to your client base.

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We are industry educators operating from Temecula, California, since 1993. During that time, we have provided the education needs of tens of thousands. We can also help you obtain a new insurance agent license. Our state-approved online pre-licensing training gets 5-Stars from customers. California approved provider 20537.

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