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Inexpensive insurance license training and insurance adjuster training designed to teach you how to become an insurance adjuster. SPECIFICALLY for claims adjuster training!

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California Insurance Adjuster Training & Prelicense ONLINE Training for Insurance License

insurance adjuster training - how to become an adjuster
ONLINE Exam Prep for the
CA Insurance Adjuster License Exam


Pass the state exam for the first time. You will be using online classes developed by licensed claims adjusters and used by thousands.
insurance license - claims adjuster training
ONLINE Exam Prep for the
CA Public Adjuster License Exam


Developed by a licensed claims adjuster and used by thousands to pass the state exam for the first time.
insurance adjuster training - how to become an adjuster - insurance license
ONLINE 20-Hour
CA Public Adjuster Prelicense Training


California now requires this 20-Hour prelicense training to be a public adjuster. With this training, pass the Public Adjuster License Exam the first time. 100% ONLINE and no classroom is needed.
(Does not include the Exam Prep)

What do you know about Claims Adjuster Training?

After getting your adjuster license, you'll need continuing education and earthquake certification. We will also show you how easy it is to become an adjuster!

Here's what customers say:

"I passed the insurance license test! I took the test and passed it the first time! Thanks again! I will tell others I made it because of you!"

- Iain Wallace, A.I.C.

"I took the test twice before discovering California Claims Pro's test study material. I holed up with the insurance adjuster training for two weeks and easily passed the exam. What a relief!"

- Mike Brown

"I was in a dead panic when I found out that I and my fellow crop adjusters needed to be individually licensed. The test was rough, but I got through it because of what I learned from your study guide!"

- Tim McGraw

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Our reputation for value and customer service is the key to our success and high referral base. For questions about insurance license courses, contact us at orders@ceclass.com.

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How many times can you Fail the insurance licensing exam in 12 months?

You can only fail the exam ten times within 12 months for California insurance licensing exams. After the 12th failure, you are barred from taking the same exam for 12 months.

How many questions are there on the insurance licensing exam?

There are 100 questions and you have 2.5 hours to complete the exam.

Are the licensing exams challenging?

If you take the Affordable Educators class, you will find the tests very easy. We will stick with you until you pass.

How much do insurance agents make?

Like most jobs, it depends how motivated you are.  The amount made depends on the employer and the number of policies that you sell. The numbers that we have heard recently range between $40,000 and $1,000,000 a year.

How long does it take to get your California insurance license?

The California department requires around 4 weeks to process and approve your insurance license after successfully passing your exam and submitting the necessary documentation.

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