How Does Our CE Training Work

Our informative Insurance CE is easy and straight-forward

Below you will find our step-by-step guide through our continuing education course system.

Step 1 - Login

From the top right corner choose “Study Login” to begin your training.

  • Enter your insurance license numberIf you are not already in our system, you will automatically be asked to setup an easy profile (Name, address, etc.).
  • DOI RulesNew DOI rules require you to login before you can access exams.
study login

Step 2 - Your Account Page

After you login or sign up, you will be taken directly to your account page. This is where you can access your books and exams.

  • Current Course Study ListThis is where you add courses to work on. Just click "Add a Course" to select another course. NOTE: You must open the book before the exam will open (State Requirement). You must pay before you can access your courses.
  • Completed CoursesWhen you pass a course, it moves to the "Courses you pass appear below" section.
add a course

Step 3 - Exam, Book & Answers

Our exams are OPEN BOOK! Just use the book to the right of the exam to answer questions.

  • ExamsYour exam will appear on the left of the screen. Select your answers then click GRADE TEST at the bottom.
  • Search for AnswersUse CTRL + F (Command + F on a Mac) to search the book to the right of the page.
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