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Prelicensing Courses:
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Continuing Ed Courses:
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Insurance CE Prelicense Training Agent Library

5000 Page Agent Library Online

Lots of learning FREE! Face it, real career learning occurs after you become licensed. And now you will have a virtual library of insurance strategies, tools and training covering topics from agent liability to asset and estate planning to claims...from loss control to long term care and a lot more. Just pick a subject and learn. You can even go a step further and use these materials to earn continuing education credits! (extra fees involved)

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Better Sales

Agents Guide to Better Sales!

A huge 250 Page E-book. Learn valuable tips from industry experts on sales strategies, operating your insurance practice for maximum results and even time management. This is some of the most valuable information you will ever find on how to get and keep insurance customers.

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Secrets of Online Insurance Sales

Secrets of Online Insurance Selling!

A clever 40 Page E-book featuring producer Gary Savelli. Learn his secrets to starting a website, selling online, search engine optimization, the power of email and much more! ...50% of all sales will be online in a few years - Will you be ready?

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Special Report

The Essential New Agent Checklist to Win Clients & Avoid Lawsuits

Since it's free, you're expecting some flimsy shortlist of things to do that everyone already knows. Nope! We've boiled down years of research into a checklist of 44 key things to do and avoid as an insurance agent...especially if you're new to the business! These are real jewels to follow as you make your way up the ranks and review again once you get there!

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Special Report

Client Secrets you Must Know to Market your Services and Overcome Objections

Expecting a few boilerplate paragraphs? No way! This is an 18-page Special Report that delves into the minds of insurance clients. You learn about how they view agents, their services and marketing. What better way to plan how to sell to them and overcome any objections.

Insurance CE Prelicense Training Special Report

11 Really Stupid Things Agents do to Get Sued

If you read this Special Report. It's only 3 pages, but it delivers the powerful message we learned from researching over 300 lawsuits against new and seasoned agents. Not worried about a lawsuit? That's probably what everyone of the 300 agents thought too!

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